Group Classes for Mum and Baby 

Group Classes for Mum and Baby 

Have you struggled to feel good about yourself since having a baby? 
Would you love to experience the benefits of personal training without the price tag? 
Funmumsfitness isn’t a normal mum and baby exercise class. Our classes are about respecting what our bodies have been through, and celebrating what they’re capable of, in a supportive and empowering environment, through tailor made sessions. 
We want to provide women with a different experience. We don’t talk about ‘bouncing back’, or meeting society’s expectations. We talk about empowering ourselves, and meeting our own goals. 

Preregnancy Yoga Class 

Baby Massage & Parent Support Class 

Mother & Baby Yoga Class 

Mum & Children Workout Class 

Sweaty Evening Workouts 

8 Weeks Body ReBoot Programme 


Get in touch to find your next class 

Get in touch to find your next class 

“Your body is strong, it serves you, and it deserves to be loved.” 

Emese’s Monday Night Class in Woking is great fun and the right level of challenge in 30 minutes for a Mum of two! 
I have been a fan of FMF since 2019 when I joined my first mother and baby class 4 months after the birth of Jack in 2019. Both Dora and Emese are superb trainers (and mums!) who really understand the pre- and post-natal body. The classes are full of light-hearted but determined mums who care about their little ones and their fitness. 
Since I went back to work (18 months a go) the Monday night class has offered a superb chance to get fit. If you are looking for somewhere friendly, that raises your fitness levels, where everyone is genuinely friendly (and understanding)…this is the class for you. 
I'd definitely recommend the Monday evening classes in Woking to other mums - Emese packs a lot into the half hour slot and it's great to have a challenging workout, a bit of fresh air and a laugh with the group all at the same time :) 
I joined up with my friend to share PT sessions led by the wonderful Emese and it has quickly become one of the highlights of my week! I feel fitter & stronger, my clothes fit better and I feel in a better place mentally to get through some of the sleep deprived nights that come with having a small baby! 
Working out with a friend is great because you are accountable to the other person to show up and of course you can share the cost. 
I love the fact that we focus lots on strength training. I’ve only really done cardio before and it’s really opened my eyes up to what works for my body. Emese makes the session so much fun and the hour whizzes by way too fast! 
A wonderful way to keep fit when you have little ones. Upbeat and full of energy, the classes are designed with a post pregnancy body in mind, ensuring contraindications such as recent c-section scars or abdominal separation are considered. You can get your body moving while looking after your baby/child and at any point you can stop to feed or change them. Highly recommend for any mum who wants to exercise after pregnancy without the need for childcare. 
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