Our classes are a whole community in themselves. 

Here, mums are not just workout buddies, they make a brilliant friendship group too (for themselves and their babies!).We’re proud that we work together with local Mums-run-businesses. We know how challenging motherhood can be, hence we’re delighted to work together with mums who balance motherhood and business. 
We support Emma, The MadeupMom, who runs Mindfulness courses for Mums. 
We work with Loved Garms to provide you with the coolest sportswear! We share one “secret” passion: finding cool, comfortable and supportive active wear. 
In 2020 we won the “Small Business of the Year” category Award, run by the Family Network Group

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How soon can I start doing exercises after having my baby? 
Before joining the postnatal classes you will need to have completed your 6 week check with your GP. This is extended to 8-12 weeks for a Caesarean section birth. 
Is it safe for me to exercise during my pregnancy? 
If you have a healthy, straight forward pregnancy and your GP/midwife gives you a green light, keeping fit and exercising is the best thing you can do! 
Do I have to bring my child or can I come on my own? 
Whatever is easier for you. We understand that finding a babysitter just to join an exercises class can be difficult, and we would like you to have fun and quality time with your baby whilst exercising.However, if you would like to take this opportunity to come to a class as a “me time”, feel free to do it! 
What will my child be doing in class? 
Children play, sleep, cry, run around, eat and talk during the classes. Just the “normal” children-things! 
How do I register for a class? 
The easiest way to do it, is to use our online booking system, but feel free to send us an email, a message on Facebook or call us to book. 
What should I wear and bring along to classes? 
Comfortable workout clothes and trainers which offer good support. It’s always a good idea to bring a towel for personal use and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. 
Is the equipment provided for the classes? 
Yes, all the equipment is provided to make it easier and more convenient for our mums who, we believe, carry around more than enough things for their babies on a day to day basis. We also provide foam mats for babies and children to play on and toys to play with. 
How can I pay? 
You can pay via Paypal, bank transfer or cash on the first class of the term. 
What happens if my baby cries, needs their nappy changed or to be fed? 
We all have been there, if your baby needs cuddles, then it’s time for cuddles. Feel free to feed your baby anytime and change their nappy if needs to be done! 
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