Warming up before exercising and cooling down is something that we all know we should do but don’t always follow. 
We see it every day, that the busy mums who we train, try to cut down on the training time by not warming up and cooling down, but it’s dangerous. 
Warm up: 
The warm up should always include some low-intensity aerobic exercise, dynamic stretching mimicing the main movement patterns of the exercises following the warm up. 
The low-intensity aerobic exercise in the warm up helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles that we need for our exercise. 
Dynamic stretching helps muscles cope with sudden movement and lengthening when exercising. 
Warm up should last anywhere from 5-15 minutes to adequately prepare the body for exercise 
Cool Down: 
Cool down is all about lowering the body temperature and heart rate back to normal. 
Cool down will normally include very light aerobic activity (i.e.walking) and static stretching. 
The light aerobic exercise helps to rid the muscles of lactic acid and other chemicals built up throughout the exercise, reducing the risk of delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS). 
Static stretches help the muscles to further relax and return back to their normal range of movement. 
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