My plan was that I’m going to write a blog about how we turned Funmumsfitness Covid safe, but… Can I be honest with you? I just can’t be asked to even think about it anymore. (and I think nobody wants to read another Covid related post/blog/article) So, let’s talk about something more fun, about alcohol! 
The member of our 12 weeks BODY REBOOT program are tracking their calories, but still want to enjoy a drink on a Friday night. What did we advise them? 
Red wine and coctails are definitely calorie-bombs! 
The best is to choose “clear” (in colour) spirits. 
Here is our little list of a few low calories drinks: 
vodka soda with lemon 
mojito without sugar syrup 
diet gin and tonic 
I hope this helps! 🙂 
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