I am going to keep it short and sweet, because it’s been so hot that even my eyeballs are boiling! 
We keep getting messages asking to train ot not to train in the heat. 
Here are a few tips from us: 
Train early morning, when it’s nice and cool. Don’t wait until the evening – is very unlikely that you will be in the mood to exercise after a long, hot and sweaty day. 
Slow down. It’s not the time to hit PBs. 
Drink more. Water with ice, ice cold isotonic drinks or slush puppies (not the sugary version, but water with lemon in it) are always good options. Read our blogpost about Hydration here. 
Dress to sweat. Wear light colours. 
Put your sweat towel in the freezer before you train. It will be nice and cool. 
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