I have to say that as women, most of us are body conscious. Even if we are mums, we would love to look sexy for our husbands and get rid of the mummy body and get back our pre-pregnancy body – especially our flat tummy. We dream about a flat tummy- even if it doesn’t have a 6 pack – and a peachy bum.  
Who wouldn’t love it? I would… 
There is lot of misguided information about training our core. 
First of all still many of us think that there is local fat burning, so if we do hundreds of crunches a day then we will get there. 
I might disappoint you with the following statement: there is no magic pill which can burn your fat from your tummy and there is no local fat burning. 
We can do hundreds of crunches a day, the maximum result we will get is strengthening our core muscle under our fat , but the fat won’t disappear. I am sorry if I disappointed you. 
It does not mean that you need to give up on your dream. 
Look for the right solution. What is the right solution? My answer is to start with reforming your eating habits. 
It does not matter how much you train until your food intake isn’t right and beneficial for your goal, I am afraid you will never make progress. 
What should you do differently? 
I have got 3 tips to share with you. 
Avoid “bad” carbs: 
They are the biggest enemy of fat. Starchy and sugary carbs like white bread, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes, chocolate, sugary drinks, biscuits, cake and ice cream. 
Go for non-starchy carbs, food that is high in fibre: granary bread, porridge, wholewheat muesli or breakfast cereal, bulgur wheat, quinoa, grains, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, pulses and all kind of different vegetables. These take longer to eat, help you with feeling full, so it stops you wanting to eat more. Their digestion and absorption is slower than the starchy and sugary carbs. They help you to manage your blood sugar level, to keep it on a certain level and avoid rapid rising and sudden dropping which cause extreme hunger. 
High fibre food helps with your bowel movement and also it helps to control cholesterol. It reduces constipation, lowers the risk of diabetes and several diseases like cancer. The recommended daily portion from fibre is 30 g/day but sadly the average is only 18 g/day/person in UK. 
If you want to get some more idea for healthy carbs, have a look at this list: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/12-healthy-high-carb-foods 
Drink plenty of water: 
We all know that most of us don't drink enough water. 
Fat burning is not possible without water. The liver can not use the minerals, nutrients without enough water. 
Have a breakfast with high protein: 
This fills you up more for the day and you can control your blood sugar level more easily. 
If you don’t eat a sugary, starchy breakfast which causes rapid blood sugar increase then sudden blood sugar drop, you can keep your blood sugar level on a certain level which will prevent the craving. You will have less chance to make a mistake and go for “bad’ food choices. 
If you want a flatter tummy take your steps towards it and start the changes in your kitchen and sort out your nutrition. 
We are more than happy to help with nutritional advice if you decided to go ahead and change your eating habits. 
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