From understanding our mood, to tracking physical symptoms, the value of being better informed about our physical and mental health is profund. 
It would be silly of us not to be aware of the power of our cycle on our training! 
Science has shown that we’re more prone to specific injuries, struggle with endurance training and more adept at lifting weights at certain point at a months. 
We can separate 4 periods of our cycle in terms of our training: 
Period (usually Cycle Day 1-5, from the first day of your bleeding, until the last day) 
This is the time of the month when your hormone level drops. The lack of iron can affect your energy levels and also increase cravings! 
– You should balance your blood sugar level by eating protein, good fats and complex carbs. 
– If you suffer with cramps, avoid gas producing foods, i.e. raw foods and sugary, processed food. 
– Nuts and seeds are good snacks, because they contain magnesium, what is muscle relaxant and it helps with cramps 
– As above mentioned, your iron level drops. You should eat iron rich foods, like red meat, green vegetables, lentils. 
– Cramps, joint- and muscle pain, low energy, insomnia, poor concentration and irritability are all making it more difficult or challenging to exercise. 
– it is advisable to do light cardio, short stints of aerobic exercises and to lower your weights. 
– however there are few (lucky) women who feel their strongest at this point of their cycle because their oestrogen level is the lowest 
Follicular Phase (the first day after your period is over until ovulation) 
Your hormone level begins to rise, this is your feel good” phase. You are energetic, flirty and social. 
– your digestive health is very important in order to support the production these hormones 
– you should eat food what are rich in probiotics, like fermented food and yoghurts and omega 3 fats ( oily fishes, nuts and seeds) 
– strength training during this period result in higher increase in muscle strength 
– researches shown that women are 3-6 times more likely than men to suffer muscular injuries in this phase, when oestrogen levels are high. This can be avoided with longer warm up and stretching. 
Ovulation (usually around day 14) 
The oestrogen level reaches its peak – this phase is a natural energy boost, you also get good quality sleep, so you are full of energy. 
– you should eat food what is rich in Vit B (i.e.whole grains) 
– progesterone level remains low what means your pain tolerance increases 
– this is the good time to push yourself, strive for personal best and focus on total body strength training 
Luteal Phase (usually Day 14-Day 28), from ovulation to period) 
This is the phase when you slow down, eat more and become unsocial. Towards the end of the luteal phase you get premenstrual symptoms and you crave food because cortisol level (stress hormone) spikes and the drop in the serotonin level causes sugar cravings. 
– avoid sugar rich and processed food as these can stimulate sugar cravings 
– avoid salty foods as salt can retain water, adding to the bloating feeling 
– you should eat food what are high in fibre (i.e. fruits, veggies and whole grains) and in essential fats (i.e. avocado, olives, nuts and oily fishes) 
– your body temperature rises at least 0.3 degrees and remains high, it’s even more important to stay hydrated during the workout 
– your endurance decreases, this is the best time to schedule rest days 
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