This is the time of the the year when everyone reflects on the year and thinks about changes for the next year, writing a list of New Year Resolutions. 
The most popular New Year Resolutions are: 
losing weight 
improving diet, living a healthier lifestyle 
doing more exercise 
drinking less 
quit smoking 
saving money 
Personally, I don’t agree with the idea of reflecting on our habits, lifestyle and targets on New Years Eve and making unrealistic promises suddenly only because we are closing a year and a new year starts tomorrow. 
Most of us think that a brand new year is a great opportunity to start something new from the first day of the year and we wait for that day to make changes. 
Most people make New Year Resolutions related to their outlook, to their health. 
The beginning of the year is the time when the gyms are full, everyone starts running, all fitness equipment and sportswear is selling fast. 
Is this sudden change sustainable in our life for long? 
Unfortunately I have to say that most people are motivated for only 2-3 weeks, and at the maximum, by the end of February, everyone that started the change as a New Year Resolution has given up on exercise, and diets disappear from their daily life. 
What is the reason for it? What can you do to carry on with your New Year Resolutions and make them last longer than February? 
I have brought you 7 tips to consider when you start setting your goals for the New Year related to your health and lifestyle: 
1: Less is more: Try not to write a long list of New Year resolutions. Prioritise. 
Choose only 1 or 2 important things you want to change and focus on them with maximum effort. 
2: Set your goal: Set a goal that you really want to achieve from the deepest point of your heart. Something which needs to be changed because it really disturbs you and it doesn’t make you feel happy. 
Do not try to achieve your goals because someone gives you requirements and pressure. Do it for yourself, for your own happiness. 
3: Realistic goal: The reason for the most failure is expectations that are too high. 
People who make new year resolutions , expect quick results. 
Set a goal that is achievable. Don’t forget that you are always able to achieve a bit more than you think. We cannot expect big changes without leaving our comfort zone. BUT, if you set unrealistic goals, it is easy to lose motivation and give it up on it in the early days. 
4: Set sustainable goals: Set a goal that is sustainable and that you are able to fit it into your daily life. 
It is a New Year’s Resolution, so it is ideal to keep it at least until the next year. 
Most people can keep the changes only for 2-3 weeks or for a month because they realise that the goal they have set is not sustainable, not realistic, or dosen’t fit into their lifestyle or into their time. 
5: Prioritise: If you have made the decision to make some changes to feel happier and healthier in the New year and it is really important for you, then prioritise. 
Make sure you place these activities on top of your daily to do list. If you don’t prioritise and you don’t make time for it on purpose, there will be always something else that is more important to do. 
6: Plan: Set your goal, than set your method. Make a plan for how you are going to reach your goal? 
If you plan your journey in small steps, it is easier to achieve. This means there is less chance for failure and disappointment, and more chance for success and being satisfied. 
Don’t forget: New Year resolutions don’t last long if you want to big changes too quickly. 
This step can cause difficulties sometimes. If you haven’t got a clue how to eat and exercise effectively, don’t hesitate to ask for professionals help to guide you with your goal setting and to find the right method to achieve your goals. 
7: Be patient: Patience is one of the key aspects. 
You should not aim for results straight away or in a very short period. 
You will need lots of time, energy and consistency to reach your goals. 
It is not a magic. The bigger the change you want to achieve, the more patience you need to get your results. 
Believe me, it is worthy, don’t give up. 
If you are aiming for a sustainable lifestyle change, but you don’t know how to start it and build it as a long life habit rather than a new year resolution, our 12 weeks Body reboot Program is the perfect guide for you. 
The 12 week Body Reboot Program is an effective program and it has been designed for mums who: 
want to change their daily habits and routine 
want to be stronger, fitter, healthier 
want to be fit enough to run around with their children 
want to cook healthy and delicious meals for the whole family 
We are starting the next program on the 7th of January. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate and kick-start your new year with creating new habits rather than making short-lived New Year Resolutions. 
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