During history, scars earned on the hunt, in battle, and in pursuing various adventures were, and are, often seen as marks of honour and a source of both 
public and personal pride. Well, my scar definitely represents personal pride, I gave birth three times by C-section and I could not be prouder of myself. 
Let’s just stop here for a second! Tell me any procedure or any occasion where you are chopped into half and you’re expected to go home 24 hours later, carry on with 
your life AND look after a newborn baby (and your older kids, if you have any). I don’t know about you, but I was not told anything in the hospital about how to look 
after my C-Section scar, and as I said, I’ ve had three sections! 
So here are a few important things to do: 
1. You can take Arnica tablets to reduce the interior bruising and swelling, and help with the pain. 
2. Drinking peppermint tea helps reduce wind pain – and let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad after a C-section. 
3. Massage your scar! 
Unfortunately, most of the women are only advised to monitor the outside appearance of their scar, checking for signs of infection. I haven’t met with any 
Mums yet who were advised or shown how to massage their scars and / or tell why this is beneficial. But if you don’t massage your scar, you can develop some serious 
issues (lower back pain, frequent urination, pelvic pain and pain with intercourse just to mention a few). 
When you massage your c-section scar, you help the scar tissue learn where to lie down and you keep it from growing in unwanted places like on the surrounding 
organs. Massage can help increase blood flow, which is beneficial for healing the area – and your scar area won’t be numb! Massage can help smooth out thick scars 
(it won’t make the scar invisible but it definitely will look neater!) 
As soon as the scar is no longer open and considered well healed, you can begin gentle massaging. 
At the beginning it is best to work around the scar, focusing on the tissues immediately above and below it. As the scar becomes less sensitive you can start 
massaging the scar itself. 
There are different ways to massaging your scar. You can try the following: 
Place your fingertips 2-3 inches from your scar. 
Stretch the skin by moving the fingers up and down around the entire scar. 
Repeat this by stretching side to side and clockwise/counterclockwise. 
Then massage completely around the scar, repeating each movement 5-10 times. 
Do it after you have a shower/bath then you won’t forget it. 
Massage regularly until your scar tissues are freely moving in all directions. 
Effectively this means about 5 minutes each day if you can. 
If you have any questions, get in touch with us! 
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