As you all know by now Funmumsfitness helps mums with the recovery in their postnatal journey. 
We would really love to provide useful informations, share tips and educate as many mums we can how to repair their body after pregnancy and birth giving. 
It is our mission and we are passionate about it. 
We can not highlight enough that one of the key element you do need to consider in your postnatal period is if you have got Diastasis Recti or not. 
We provide you this short video which will guide you how to check your core muscle for yourself. 
Diastasis Recti is a separation of rectus abdominals in the middle of the tummy. 
It doesn’t depend on how fit were you before your pregnancy or how strong your core used to be. It has been caused by the growing uterus which put pressure on the two bond of abdominal muscle. All of us has the chance to get it due to the pregnancy. 
However it is not limited to women, it can affect men too. Heavy weight lifting can also cause it. 
It is so important to pay attention to it and heal, strengthen it as it can cause several other problems too like having a “mummy tummy” or a pooch in your stomach, bloating, poor posture, lower back pain, constipation and urine leaking . 
Several movement can worsen the separation so we think it is necessary to have the knowledge how to improve and heal your Diastasis Recti and also not to make it worse. 
The recovery will take a while .Unfortunately it is not a magic, it won’t happen one day to the other. Investing time and patience and working on it for a stronger core is definitely worthy. 
We give you the most useful informations about abdominal separation, we tell you which exercises you do need to avoid and also we show you exercises to heal your separation in the following video: 
Watch it and don’t hesitate to start the recovery today. 
Your work is going to pay off, your body is going to appreciate it. 
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