Are you itching to exercise again after giving birth? Read this first! 
To get back into a postnatal exercise routine, new mothers should always be realistic and patient. It took around 40 weeks to form the pregnant body, and it could take nearly as long to fully return to your pre-pregnancy self. No matter if your labor is quick, long, or surgical, the body undergoes a huge transformation. 
At Funmumsfitness, we’ve come across with different birth stories, health issues, fitness – and motivation levels. Here is good starting point on how and when to return to exercises: 
5 things to know about returning to exercises after giving birth 
1. you can start doing your pelvic floor exercises soon after giving birth. Going for gentle walks is a great way for most new mums to exercise. Getting out will help to protect you against postnatal depression too. 
2. You should take up exercises more gradually if you didn’t exercise regularly before or during pregnancy, had an assisted birth, experienced complications in labour or had a C-section. 
3. Don’t go swimming until you’ve had your postnatal check and have had seven days without any postnatal bleeding or discharge. You’re vulnerable to infections from pool water while your uterus is still healing. 
4. Doing lots of tummy muscle work or sit-ups when you have a weak pelvic floor can make incontinence worse, rather than helping it. It is also the worst thing to do if you have abdominal separation. 
5. If you had a C-section, think of the first six – eight weeks as time for your body to heal and recover. Wait until after your postnatal check, at between six weeks and eight weeks, before taking up exercise other than Kegels and walking and pelvic floor ones. 
Exercise can help you recover after childbirth, make you stronger and improve mood. Even if you’re tired and not feeling motivated, there’s plenty you can do to get your body moving. But no two pregnancies are the same. How soon you’re ready to start exercising depends on your individual circumstances – so always check with a postnatally qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor. 
Our Mother & Children classes are designed for Mums from 6 weeks postnataly. We help you to recover your body, strengthen your core and pelvic floor and gain your strength back – all of this together with your child! 
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