Christmas is the most beautiful and most awaited time of the year. It is a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. 
BUT is it the same important, natural and simple for every family? 
It is different for us. I mean it is important but we as a family with 3 different nationalities and cultures we have got 3 different traditions to follow. 
With a Turkish father of Mira who‘s culture does not celebrate Christmas at all, with a Hungarian mother who does celebrate but with different traditions from the British people and our daughter, Mira who is British. 
Our home is the UK which means for us to live our life like proper residents of the country and respect it with follow all the regulations, traditions, habits. 
Which tradition should we follow at Christmas? How should we raise our little daughter? How to teach her? Which one she should follow? 
Dealing with the decisions can be a huge hesitation sometimes even an argument within a family. 
Luckily it is quite smooth in our household. We do respect and follow each other’s celebrations, cultures and traditions. 
My other half gets into Christmas spirit usually before me, and starts decorating our little home. Then he comes home with a different Christmas decoration every day for a few weeks. He get decorations, accessorizes, foods, drinks, he is excited to hide and wrap presents and please me in every years with a magical festive period. 
He celebrates Christmas since he was child but it wasn’t the most important celebration in his life. Nowadays Christmas definitely has a different meaning for him as it is the main festive season of the year for me and it is even more special since Mira was born. 
Turkish culture has different celebration which is the same important for them as Christmas for us. Their main celebration is called Bayram. 
I do celebrate with him and his family, it is part of our life . 
It is very important for us to introduce 3 of the cultures to Mira, teach and show her as much as we can about them. 
Most importantly UK’s culture as she is going to live her daily life according to British traditions. 
This years we are going to spend Christmas only 3 of us due to government restrictions. As none of our relative going to spend to Christmas with us, we don’t need to be flexible to other’s requirements .This means for us we are going to celebrate Christmas as the other residents of the country where we live, following British traditions. 
Have you got different cultural celebrations in your family? How do you deal with the situation? 
Share your story , experiences and tips with us. 
We wish you Merry Christmas! 
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