Body transformation is mainly relying on a decision, on your own decision. 
Firstly you need to decide to change your habits, change your life and you need your willpower to place this decision into action. 
Afterwards when the action is on, you are doing something to reach your target and you are keeping it up, your body as an award will transform. 
Sometimes we do underestimate the power of our choices and just looking for excuses not to be consistent even if we know that we can completely change our life. 
When we don’t really want to do something we can just feel that it is to hard work, too much energy, to much time and also boring. It is so easy to stop at that point and give it up. That is the reason why it is important that you should concentrate on creating new habits instead of focusing on a popular diet plan which you must follow. 
What will happen if instead of thinking of ‘How can I lose weight?” you would think of “How can I nourish my body?” 
Try it and choose new, healthier habits which will support you to reach your goals and helps you to be the best version of you. 
Many of us makes the choice to change our body and act for it, especially in is typical time of the year when the festive season is just around the corner. 
You couldn’t wait to have unlimited delicious minced pie, mulled wine, fancy coffees with different seasonal syrups and all different type of amazing foods and drinks in December. 
Then here the New Year’s resolution comes which is very common: let’ s lose weight from January. 
Many women, mums get excited about the transformation journey and they do sign up to our Body Reboot Program but as soon as the enthusiasm sinks and something else comes up ( busy life, tiredness, stress) which distract them, they give it up. There is no consistency, no success. 
This amazing mum of 2 young children mastered her transformation and her before and after photos -next to each other – are shocking. 
She started her transformation journey with attending in our Mother &children Exercise class when her little son was only 6 weeks old. 
Then lockdown came and the class has stopped but she did not want to use the excuse of the lockdown and having a break. Her motivation was pushing her to start our Body Reboot Program. 
She has completed 20 weeks of the program. 
Back in July 2020 when she started the program she wasn’t feeling very well physically and she was showing a few health issues which limited her in the options of the exercises and also in her nutrition. 
She was still breastfeeding her son so she was juggling with the lack of sleep plus the global pandemic put the pressure of shielding on her family due to their healthy issues so even her daily activity like walking was kind of limited. 
Her little baby has diary and soya allergy and she has nut allergy. As she was still breastfeeding the baby she needed to avoid those products and plan her meals without them. 
Still her decision was strong enough to stand for it and see how far she can push her body and get into a better shape of hers. 
She followed the program beautifully , completed 5-6 workouts a week and hit her bespoke daily calories with the right macronutrient targets and her daily steps over the 20 weeks to get this result. 
She feels healthier, fitted and still motivated. 
She has lost 82 cm from her body and 10 kg. Such an amazing result. Isn’t it? 
Her fitness journey and the transformation is still going on. 
I can’t wait to see her next improvements. 
As you all know by now our new Body Reboot Program is starting on the 11 th of January. We have still available spots for you. If you would like to participate and you would like to know more about the program , drop us an email to 
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