It is the best feeling when we get to show our mum clients how far they have come. How they have achieved their body transformation with our Body Reboot Program that is designed for mums. 
We are absolutely proud of each of the mums in our 12 weeks Body Reboot Program who have stepped closer to, or achieved their goal. We have seen progress and body transformation happen. 
BUT sometimes the result is shocking. We couldn’t be more proud of this lady. Read about her struggles and the transformation she has made with two Body Reboot Programs, in 6 months: 
“2020 was a totally shit year for me, it was for many of us, but I coped and struggled through in the way I always did, with food! I have always been an emotional eater, so 2020 meant non stop bingeing and more alcohol than is healthy or necessary! 
By March 2021 I was at my heaviest ever, and feeling so uncomfortable and unhealthy. I was struggling with a physical job and 2 young boys, I was snoring as my neck fat was lying on my throat and stopping me from breathing in the night and I was so bloody miserable! 
I saw an ad for the Fun Mums Fitness body reboot and thought it might be the kick up the butt I needed! I most definitely needed rebooting!! 
So I booked on and chatted to Dora about my emotional eating tendancies. We talked about alternative coping mechanisms and support and ways to deal with it. 
I won’t lie I started the reboot thinking I’d fail! I hated exercise and I loved carbs, there was no hope for me!! But I figured I needed to try something different, so I decided to throw myself in to the program and see what happened. 
Well! What happened was amazing! I committed to exercising 5 times a week, so I set my alarm early and did my workouts first thing. I was slow and huffed and puffed a lot but I did it. I set myself a goal of being able to do 5 Burpees and a press up (I couldn’t even do 1) by the end of the 12 weeks. I also took up the couch to 5k and want to complete a 5k by the end of the program. 
I read the blogs, I planned my meals and made sure I worked within my macros. We went out often and even had a couple of little holidays during the first reboot, I just planned well and ate well and still lost weight in those weeks. 
Dora and Emese were always there when I needed support. 
I started to really enjoy the exercise, I was lifting heavier weights and I had so much more energy! 
I was eating yummy food and I never felt stuffed or uncomfortable or hungry! I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I stuck to my macros and that flexibility and education to understand how to fuel my body was incredible. 
I had a lot of weight to lose so I decided to sign up to another reboot. When the first reboot finished I joined a bootcamp group in my local park and the PT was impressed with my technique and form! 
Then in September I began reboot number 2, ready to really work on my fitness and strength. 
Again Dora and Emese have been so supportive, encouraging and helpful. They have been my biggest cheerleaders through this whole process. 
During reboot 2 I ran a half marathon, I can smash out 30 press ups with ease. 
I have discovered a love of exercise, moving my body and of pushing myself. I am astounded with what I can achieve!! 
I have lost just over 5 stone this year. I could NEVER have done it without Dora and Emese! They have helped me to relearn so many things about nutrition and exercise. They have encouraged me to the best and strongest and fittest that I can be. They have changed my life and I am eternally grateful!! 
Fitting in to a size 10 from a size 18 feels great, but nothing feels more amazing than finishing a workout feeling strong, fit and the healthiest I’ve ever been!! “ 
The next Body Reboot will start in January and will be more fantastic than ever!  
We’ll guide you to having a completely new lifestyle. Be fit, strong and healthy by the end of the 12 weeks program! 
Don’t hesitate, we only have limited spaces available, sign up for achieving your BEST version in 2022! 
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