I know that most people just know everything better, because they just know it, or their neighbours’s auntie’s ex-husband’s Mum told them… 
And I know that there are people who just like to challenge everyone (their GP, because they diagnosed themselves at home by Google or their hairdresser, because you can dye your hair from black to blonde with 1 box of hairdye from the shops….) 
But still, sometimes, only sometimes, it makes me wonder why people are paying LOTS of money to their Personal Trainer or Nutritionist to help them, when they don’t even listen. 
(“Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”) 
Here are the most common ones, just based on the last few years of experience working as a personal trainer: 
1. ” I did lose 3 stones with Swimming World/Weight watchers / keto and I was allowed to eat as many pasta and potatoes as I wanted” 
And now you’re here, and have gained 4 stones back since you stopped Slimming world…... 
2. “I want a bum like J.Lo and Beyonce but with slim legs” 
I’m a personal trainer. But I have contact details to a good plastic surgery. 
3. ” All high protein food make me feel sick. But I live on salads,  
I love salads.” 
Surely you’re not overweight from salads. If you feel sick of any type of protein, you should contact your GP. 
4. “I’m sorry but I don’t think the sessions with you do work. I’m not losing weight.” 
Yes, you are right. 1 hour training a week won’t make you slim.  
But I saw you driving in McDrive twice in the last 2 weeks… 
5. “weight training makes you look like a man” 
I’m sorry. It doesn’t. (more blogposts are coming in this topic…) 
6. “Protein powder makes you look like a man.” 
I’m sorry. It doesn’t. (more blogposts are coming in this topic….) 
“I don’t want to substitute my diet with protein powder because it’s artificial” 
Fair enough. But then please put down your diet coke and give up on your Friday takeaways too. 
7. “I want to do cardio because that burns fat and weight training makes you bulky.“ 
Let’s say, in 60 minutes of cardio you do burn more calories than in 60 minutes weightraining WHILST YOU ARE TRAINING. But after stopping weightraining you carry on burning calories for about 24 hours, that does not happen with cardio. A good combination of cardio and weights are the way forward for Mums! 
8. ” I can’t do a push up or a pull up because my arms are weak“ 
So is your core. 
9. ” I can’t do 10000 steps, not even 8000 steps a day. My work diary is hectic." 
We appreciate that if someone has a sedentary job then it’s more difficult to reach the step targets. But we’re here to help you to find a solution and help you to get the steps in. But yes, you have to get up from your bum and move. 
10. “12 years ago I lost 3 stones but I gained it all back and I can’t seem to be able to lose it now” OR “before kids I was so fit” 
I’m sorry but it doesn’t matter what was 12 years ago. Your metabolism was faster, you slept more and most probably your only worries were surviving the day at work with your hangover. You should follow what your PT/nutritionist tells you now and you will see the results. 
11. I have just been to the gym, I deserve that slice of cake/pizza. 
During a training session you burn 300-400 calories.  
A slice of cake is 400+ calories, not mentioning a pizza with its 1200 + calories. 
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